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Best Spreads on Trading Accounts_


Professional trader? Amateur? Or just have to get your hands on some Apple shares?! Global can access the market leading trading platforms with institutional trading spreads so you can maximize you profit potential and minimise your costs.


Through our trading platform partners, Global can offer access to trade global stocks, stock indices, currencies, metals, energies and ETFs via physical, futures, CFDs and options dealing.


Global clients can benefit from access to trading platforms with some of the best trading conditions in the industry. These platforms provide you with up to the minute information on what markets are really moving and in which direction, as well as where most of our clients are currently positioned. You will also find data on positions by volume and trades, as well as currency volatility and trades per time.


In addition, you get access to top trading tools, webinars, seminars, technical and fundamental analysis reporting from Trading Central, a leading provider of unbiased technical analysis for market professionals. Trading Central currently serves over 100 financial institutions in over 30 countries with trading alerts and signals on foreign exchange, stocks, indices, commodities and bonds. Trading Central provides trading ideas and helps you to own confirm your own existing strategies.

Stocks and Shares

Don’t want to trade yourself? Global can offer power of attorney for top performing money managers to systematically trade your portfolio using their award-winning investment strategies. Now you can access these institutional investment managers as a retail or corporate investor. 

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