Education Fee Planning_


When it comes to saving for your child’s education, few are afforded with the luxury of not needing to start saving now. A good education is an investment for the future. The return is almost impossible to estimate. Regular saving to provide for your children’s education takes discipline and habit but pays huge dividends in the long run.


With the costs of private and university education are continually increasing, many families and students fail to plan to make the most of their potential or are being left with a legacy of crippling debt.


At Global, we have access to a range of flexible savings plans from leading financial institutions. This means we can find the most suitable and competitive savings plan depending upon how much, how often and how long you wish to save for.


Our education plans help you plan ahead to cover the expenses of your child or grandchild’s education. This lets you to spread the cost into manageable amounts, giving your savings a chance of accumulating over time.


View our presentation, "Shaping Their Destinies", for information and facts about education planning. 

Child Savings - Education Fee Planning