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Financial Services

Expats, international investors and digital nomads need access to secure financial services, but finding efficient, cost-effective solutions can be challenging. Whether you are looking for finance, making cross-currency transactions, or just need a safe offshore location to key your cash, Global's team are here to help. 

Currency Exchange

Currency exchange

Our online foreign currency exchange partners guarantee to beat any exchange rate!


If you are sending currency from your bank account, it is likely we can save you in excess of up to 5% on exchange rate spreads, commissions and fund transfer charges.


We do much more than simply save our client’s money on the exchange rate. We can offer a cos-effective way for private individuals and businesses to save money when exchanging currency and making transfers overseas.


Whether it be for ad-hoc, or regular monthly payments, we understand the importance of a fast, efficient, on-time service. We will introduce you to a friendly, professional, currency specialist and immediate access to start exchange currency, or send money overseas. 

International Mortgages

International mortages

Need an overseas mortgage? Whether you want to purchase a second home, or add to your portfolio of investment properties, our team of international mortgage specialists can help.

Our mortgage advisors provide you with comparative quotations, confirm your eligibility, assist you with completing the paperwork and submitting the correct documents first time, so the whole process is as seamless as possible for you.

We can also help you to release equity on an existing overseas property, refinance your current mortgages to secure lower interest rates, or change the currency, consolidate debt and even raise capital to build your own home.

Contact our team of specialists today for more information.

Offshore Banking

Offshore banking

No matter where you happen to live, we can set up offshore bank accounts that protect your money in an economically and politically stable location, with government-backed investor protection schemes in place. As an expat, this can give you a centralized place to keep your money safe and secure, where it can grow efficiently wherever you might be or be going in the world.

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