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Invest in Assisted Living:
Unlocking Government-Assured High-Yield Income Opportunities

As the UK's assisted living market expands, driven by an aging population and a scarcity of affordable social housing and care facilities, we present an unparalleled investment opportunity. Our government-assured, high-yield income opportunities in assisted living promise not only steady returns but also a chance to contribute to a vital social need.

Partnership for Assisted Living Investments with assured net yields in the UK

Invest in Peace of Mind

Assured Net Yields

Enjoy a government-backed, inflation-adjusted 10% net rental yield for 25 years.

Zero Landlord Costs

Experience hassle-free investment without the burden of landlord costs.

Fully Managed

Benefit from the expertise of trusted Housing Associations managing your investment.

Profitable Exit Strategy

Secure a minimum of 30% profit with our 3-year exit plan.


Invest in Social Impact

Investing in assisted living goes beyond financial returns; it's an investment in community and dignity. It provides vulnerable individuals with the support they need to live independently, fulfilling lives. With entry points starting at £100,000, this is your opportunity to be part of a solution that offers both financial rewards and social value.

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Unlock secure, high-yield UK assisted living investments. Make an impact while earning. Click here to book your free, expert consultation today!


Ready to Invest in a Better Future?

Join us in shaping the future of assisted living in the UK. With Global Investments, you're not just investing in property; you're investing in lives, communities, and a sustainable future.

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"Living in the Philippines, I wanted a hassle-free UK investment. Global Investments' assisted living was perfect—easy and with steady returns. It's been a smart move for my retirement."

John H., Philippines

Key Benefits of Assisted Living

Discover the Advantages of Assisted Living Investments:

Secure, High-Yield Returns: Enjoy government-assured, inflation-adjusted 10% net rental yields for 25 years, offering a stable and secure income.

No Landlord Hassles: Invest without the typical landlord duties. Maintenance and tenant issues are managed for you, making it a hassle-free experience.

Fully Managed Properties: Reputable Housing Associations handle all property management, ensuring high-quality living conditions for tenants and peace of mind for you.

Profitable Exit Strategy: Benefit from a strategic exit plan with a minimum of 30% profit after three years, providing a clear path to realizing investment gains.

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