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make it almost impossible for managers to operate multiple layers of hidden fee structures, charges and commissions. This makes regulated onshore solutions far less costly than their offshore counterparts, meaning that we can offer our clients a much fairer deal.


Through our network of private banks and institutional fund managers, we can provide discretionary managed portfolio services to clients starting with as little as $30,000 and bespoke private banking solutions from $350,000. 

Discretionary Portfolio Management_


Successful portfolio management is often best left to the experts. That’s why at Global Investments we believe financial planning and wealth management firms should not try to second guess the financial markets. Without a vast amount of expertise, technology, time and dedicated resources, making short-term investment gains is likely little more than luck and executing long-term profitable investment decisions can be difficult and thwart with risk. We prefer to leave these decisions to the experts – professional portfolio managers.


Global Investments are proud to be one of the only wealth management firms in the offshore financial services industry to have terms of business partnerships with the largest and most prestigious award winning portfolio managers in the UK onshore financial services industry.


So why let an onshore manager make the investment decisions?


Well there are number of key advantages. Firstly, the UK financial services industry is one of the most highly regarded and heavily regulated on the planet. The level of consumer protection far surpasses anything that is obtainable offshore, where there is little or no regulation and usually no route of recourse for investors should something go wrong. Secondly, competition, customer centricity and transparency 

Discretionary Management
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