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Capital Protection Meets Market Growth Potential

In partnership with a leading tier one bank, Global Investments is proud to facilitate the Defined Return Deposit – a product crafted for investors who value both security and growth potential. This innovative financial tool offers a reliable way to protect your capital while taking advantage of potential market growth.



Customized Investment Choices:
  • Market Options: Choose from Europe, USA, or Australia

  • Key Indices: S&P United Kingdom Index, S&P 500 Index, and S&P / ASX 200 Index

  • Potential Returns: Up to 6.00% AER, depending on the market


Investment Details:
  • Term: Four-year period from 21 November 2023 to 21 November 2027

  • Maturity Date: Unlock your returns on 28 November 2027


How Does It Work?
  • Market Analysis: Performance calculated from the growth of your chosen index

  • Capital Safety: Original capital returned if the market underperforms

  • Bonus Returns: Initial deposit plus a Defined Return if the market is stable or grows

Understanding AER: The Annual Equivalent Rate (AER) indicates the compounded and annually paid notional rate of return.


How can we be of service?

Why Opt for the Defined Return Deposit?

  • Backed by a Tier One Bank: Leverage the reliability and expertise of top-tier banking

  • Global Investments' Facilitation: Benefit from our seamless service and investment support

  • Capital Protection: Prioritize the safety of your initial investment

  • Transparent Potential Returns: Clear understanding of your investment's future

  • Begin Your Investment Journey with a World-Class Financial Product

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