As the Global Group of companies has been in established for over 21 years we have collectively gained a wealth of international experience over this time.

If you are thinking of relocating yourself or your business, please let us know and we will ensure that the correct advice is given, so a balanced decision can be made. We have business associations with Lawyers, Property Agents, Manufacturers and IT companies in many locations across the world.



Offshore Company Incorporation_


Offshore company incorporation can have many benefits including asset protection, business expansion and financial privacy. Depending on your jurisdiction there could also be significant tax advantages.


Global has a wealth of experience in the establishment of offshore companies for individuals and corporations. We provide advice and guidance on incorporating companies in a number of different global jurisdictions, including the UAE, British Virgin Islands (BVI), Bahamas, Mauritius, Hong Kong and Thailand. We can also help with opening banking accounts, legal and tax advice. 

This is a fee-based private and confidential service offered on a one-to-one basis, as everyone does has different requirements.



Business Services

Company Restructuring & Business Financial Advice_


These meetings will be held with our CEO and/or a qualified business consultant at an hourly consultancy fee of USD 400.00. We have previously advised the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC) and Oxfam. 


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Latin America

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