QROPS & SIPPS Offshor Pension Transfers

Pension Transfers to SIPPS,



These days pension regulations seem to continually change and evolve. There is now a wider choice and more flexibility than ever. With so many options available, choosing the right type of pension for the right individual can be a difficult and confusing task and choosing the wrong type of pension can be incredibly costly. 


At Global, we offer a comprehensive range of HMRC-qualified onshore and offshore pensions schemes from trustees in many jurisdictions. This means we can ensure you are in the most cost-effective, tax efficient pension arrangement, not just now but wherever you may end to living in the future. 

We conduct a detailed review of our client's current pension arrangements, an assessment of their future goals and objectives and then discuss and report on the features and implications of the available pension scheme options. This means not only do our clients have all the necessary information at their fingertips to help them make an informed decision, but that they can be confident that they have explored all the eventualities and sure that their pension arrangements really maximise their financial position.

Global Investments also provide impartial information through QROPS Direct (www.qropdirect.com), our straight-talking, one-stop resource and advice centre for anyone seeking advice about onshore and offshore pension schemes.