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Fixed Income Loan Notes blend stability with opportunity, offering discerning investors a secure avenue to predictable returns. Anchored in solid real estate ventures, especially in commercial retail with top-tier brands, these notes are designed not just for growth but also for providing investors with peace of mind, thereby redefining the standards in fixed income investments.

Ideal for Diverse Investors

  • High Net Worth and Self-Certified Sophisticated Investors: Tailored for investors seeking lucrative, well-structured investment opportunities.

  • Pension Investors: An excellent choice for those planning a secure financial future with dependable returns.

Minimum Investment

Engage with our fixed income loan notes starting with a minimum investment of £5,000. This threshold ensures accessibility while maintaining a focus on substantial financial growth.

Investment Returns

  • 2 Year Biannual Income Product: Benefit from a 10% fixed rate with simple interest, payable biannually. This option ensures a steady income stream every six months, perfect for investors seeking regular returns.

  • 2 Year Deferred Product: Opt for a 12% fixed rate, with simple interest accruing annually and payable at the end of the term. This product is ideal for investors aiming for a higher return at the term's conclusion.

Investment Summary

  • Short-Term Opportunity: Engage in a two-year term with options tailored to your financial goals.

  • Attractive Returns: Earn 10% or 12% per annum gross, depending on your chosen loan note.

  • Robust Security: Backed by a debenture and a first legal charge over properties, ensuring your investment is secure.

  • Security Trustee: A dedicated trustee represents your interests, offering additional peace of mind.

Security Offered

Your investment is safeguarded by a debenture over a leading commercial real estate developer, favoring the Security Trustee. This entity also holds a first legal charge over acquired land and properties, reinforcing the security of your investment.

Real Estate Expertise

Our associated real estate developers are industry leaders specializing in commercial retail projects for top-tier businesses such as McDonald's, Starbucks, LIDL, Burger King, Costa Coffee, Subway, Greggs, and KFC. Their expertise in developing strategic locations enhances the value and security of your investment.

Application Process

Joining our fixed income loan notes is straightforward and transparent. With security measures firmly in place, we ensure your investment journey is seamless and secure.

Global Investments Testimonial for High Yield Income Products
Maria Rodriguez, Colombia
"Global Investments helped transform my portfolio with High Yield Loan Notes, offering a rare blend of security and growth, especially through commercial real estate ventures. I feel I made the right choice" 
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