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Offshore Retirement Plans_


At Global, we also know that it's tempting to spend today, and not to save for the future. Saving is about discipline and habit, and by saving now you can open up a world of opportunity for your retirement.


All around the world, governments are realising that they may not be able to provide state pensions in the future. Populations are living longer and as a larger percentage of the population reach retirement, there are fewer workers supporting their growing numbers. The number of working people supporting those in retirement in the developed world will decrease dramatically by 2025. For example, in the UK in the year 2000 there were approximately four people aged 15-64 supporting every pensioner. By 2025, there are expected to be only three supporting workers per pensioner.


With state and corporate pension schemes under strain, personal financial planning now is the sensible approach to ensuring that you can spend your retirement as you would wish.


With a range of international offshore pension scheme at our disposal, Global can help you take control of your retirement plans and secure your financial future. The schemes we offer are regular flexible savings plans designed to build up a fund to pay for your retirement and provide you with access to your funds should you need it sooner. 

Offshore Retirement Plans
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