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Offshore Bond Wrappers_


Through our partnerships with the leading international life companies, Global are proud to be able to offer our clients an extensive range of offshore bond wrappers.


Offshore bonds are high-powered platform wrappers that enable investors to take the maximum possible advantage of offshore tax benefits. They provide our clients with complete freedom to build on their wealth by investing in a comprehensive choice of assets with superior potential for growth.


With the use of offshore bonds, Global can assist its clients in building bespoke portfolios of investments over time, wrapping assets so they are sheltered from income tax and capital gains tax, letting them create the future they want, as well as providing estate planning options to pass on as much wealth as possible to their future generations. Offshore bonds are probably the most cost-effective, flexible and significant tax-planning vehicle available to High-Net-Worth investors for managing their existing and future assets. Quite simply, investing in an offshore bond is most important step HNW individual can take to mitigate current and future tax liabilities on their investments.


Investing through an offshore bond also brings a whole array of additional advantages, such as the ability to secure institutional fee structures through economies of scale, simplified administration, since reports on all assets can be obtained from a single location and many other benefits. 

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