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Life Insurance & Medical Cover

Life Assurance & Critical Illness Cover_


Have you ever stopped to think about what might happen to the ones you love if you were to die or become critically ill and unable to work? 


Are you sure that you have adequate cover to help your family cope if the worst should happen? 


If you were to die unexpectedly, or become critically ill, would your partner and any children be able to continue to afford life's little luxuries - holidays, music and sports lessons, school trips, or the fees for university or a private education? Would even paying for the basics of everyday living such as heating, clothing and food, loan and credit card repayments, medical expenses and child-care costs become a problem?


In short, could your loved ones continue to enjoy their current quality of life?


If you were to take out life assurance or critical illness cover, you would have the peace of mind of knowing that your family has an appropriate amount of protection to help them to survive financially without you. 


Talk to us and we will be able to help you calculate an amount of life assurance and/or critical illness cover appropriate for your needs.  

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