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Investment advisors & offshore banking agents, specializing in the provision of a wide range of well-balanced and hard-working investment products, tailored to meet the specific needs of the modern international investor.

Global Investments International , a financial consulting company in Thailand, is also active within the local business community, having been members of The British Chamber of Commerce since 1994.

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Confidential Financial Consultants Whilst many other organisations strive to meet the requirements of their customers, we at Global believe that such requirements must be exceeded - each client must receive a standard of service higher than they have come to expect.

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Global Investments International Limited, Asia's leading financial consultants, have now launched their new online product line. You are now able to invest in never offered before packages with amazing returns, simply because of automation.

A variety of financial products and financial services are now available, from opening an Offshore Savings Plan to buying financial packages. Global Investments want to be your financial consulting company and is revolutionizing financial planning without sacrificing its customer service goals. To "Exceed Client Expectations" Global Investments, always stay one step ahead of the competition.

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Investment Advisors

The Isle of Man is the only offshore finance centre providing compensation schemes in all three of the main areas of finance - namely deposits, funds and life policies. The investment advisors at Global are agents of the Isle of Man.

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The Isle of Man was the first of 35 jurisdictions to achieve the highest financial services rating issued by three of the world's most influential policy making bodies (OECD, FATF and FSF). This rating relates to an offshore financial centre's stability and security.

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Financial Consulting

Global Investments' international presence also allows for the establishment of close links with leading fund managers, investment providers, banks and other key financial institutions - providing up-to-the-minute and screened market intelligence, along with access to the experience and expertise of leading international investment specialists and trust administrators. Trust the financial consultants at Global Investments to handle your money. Global Investments want to be your investment advisors.

Financial Consulting

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